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Mockup of our infographic: How promoting work-life balance can help your organization

Infographic: Work-life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is crucial for both your employees and your organization. By taking the right steps to promote a good work-life balance you can create a healthy working culture for all your employees!

Mockup of our e-book: How to measure Employee Engagement

E-book Employee Engagement

Are you ready to take your company's engagement to the next level, but feeling a little lost on how to start? Don't worry, we've got your back! Our comprehensive list of 101 questions will help you gather valuable feedback from your employees.

Mockup remote onboarding e-guide

Manager’s e-guide to remote employee onboarding

Hooray, you hired a remote new team member! But how can you successfully onboard your new hire? We share 6 valuable tips that will help you successfully onboard new remote workers. Read all about it in our e-guide.

Mockup of onboarding checklist

The ultimate employee onboarding checklist for managers

Are you a manager gearing up for a new hire's arrival? Wondering how to ensure they hit the ground running? Look no further! We've created an onboarding checklist designed to help you streamline the process and maximize productivity.

Mockup of our offboarding guide

How to create an effective offboarding process

Learn which steps you can take for a smooth and effective offboarding process, so departing employees will leave as true brand ambassadors and have a positive impact on future new hires.

Mockup of our ebook: Our ultimate onboarding learnings (10 years)

E-book: Our ultimate onboarding learnings

Hooray, Appical is celebrating its 10th anniversary! In those years we have learned a lot about onboarding. We're thrilled to share our experiences and knowledge with you. Get ready to learn and grow with us!