What is reboarding?

Reboarding is the process of reintroducing employees to the workplace after an extended period of leave or a significant organizational change. This includes, for example, sickness, parental leave, acquisitions, mergers, or reorganizations.

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The benefits of reboarding your employees

  • Inform your employee of relevant (organizational) changes
    so that they are fully aware of new protocols, strategies, and policies.
  • Keep your employees engaged
    to ensure they feel a sense of belonging and are motivated to return to or stay in your organization.
  • Avoid overwhelming employees,
    by spreading relevant information throughout the entire process.
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This is how we do it

How our platform supports Reboarding

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The right info, at the right time

Returning to work after a merger, acquisition, or extended leave can be overwhelming. Communicating honestly and often is key. Your employees need to understand where the organization is going and how they can contribute. Our reboarding platform offers employees the right info at the right time, customized for each role and location. As a result, they will understand their new responsibilities without an information overload.
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Deliver engaging and interactive content

Whether your organization is undergoing changes, or an employee is returning after a period of absence, updating and training staff on new policies and procedures is essential. A 50-page document is not the most engaging way to communicate this. To ensure your employees stay engaged and informed, use interactive content such as videos, checklists, images, quizzes, and feedback to measure understanding.
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(Re)connect your employees to the organizational culture

Reboarding can improve morale and job satisfaction by connecting employees to familiar colleagues, introducing them to new ones, and reminding them of the organization's values and mission. Our platform facilitates this by making it easy to share values, introduce the leadership team, and encourage colleagues to reach out. This creates a sense of community, shared goals, and purpose.

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Jennifer van Valkenhoef
“The volumes and rapidly changing context were unique and difficult. Appical helped us a lot in this. The app made people feel enthusiastic and expectations were managed. It also made it possible to deploy people faster too."
Jennifer van Valkenhoef

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