What is onboarding?

Onboarding refers to the process of introducing new employees to the company. A good onboarding provides new employees with all the information they need to succeed at your organisation and feel comfortable doing so.

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The benefits of getting onboarding right

  • Give a warm welcome and increase engagement.
    Onboarding ensures that new employees feel right at home in your organization and supported in their new role.
  • Help new hires be successful in their new role.
    By providing the right information, tools, and training, new employees can become familiar with the company and their job swiftly.
  • Save time and costs on HR.
    Onboarding helps HR departments save time and resources by automating much of the onboarding process.
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This is how we do it

How our platform supports Onboarding

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Automated Onboarding: Save Time & Personalize

Automated onboarding with Appical can save your HR team a lot of time and still offer personalization, based on location, department or role. It reminds new hires to complete tasks, sign documents and read content, while informing other stakeholders of their responsibilities. Plus, you can easily monitor progress and ask for feedback, to improve where needed.
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Easily connect with your new hires

A strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%! Appical enables you to quickly introduce new hires to their team, buddy, and manager via interactive content and the people finder, and welcome them with personalized messages. Share your company culture, mission and vision to ensure new hires are invested in your organization.
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Inform your new hires in a fun way

The first few weeks of a new job can be overwhelming. Our app helps new employees get comfortable in their role and in the organization with interactive content like stories, questions, quizzes and videos. It provides the right info at the right time, reducing Day 1 info 'bombardment.' Plus, it allows new hires to ease into their role at their own pace, via the app or browser.

Customer Stories

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Friso Visser
“The best compliment I got is when one new hire said that Wortell not only welcomes new employees with a warm bath, but also adds a bottle of champagne, luscious bath foam and great background music. Which Appical being the champagne in this case.”
Friso Visser
Employer Branding Marketeer

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