How to create an effective offboarding process

Mockup of our offboarding guide

Learn which steps you can take for a smooth and effective offboarding process, so departing employees will leave as true brand ambassadors and have a positive impact on future new hires.

In this resource, you will uncover:

5 reasons why the offboarding process is important

Even though the employee is leaving, it's important to give their exit the attention it deserves. Here's why.

Step-by-step plan for setting up an offboarding program

How do you say goodbye to a departing employee? In the e-book you will find 8 steps for setting up an effective offboarding program

Scheduling an exit interview

Feedback from a leaving employee can give you important information about the company. We identified some questions you can ask during the exit interview.

Case study: Offboarding at ZEISS with a digital platform

ZEISS recognized the need for a more organized offboarding process. Let's explore how they faced this challenge.