The ultimate employee onboarding checklist for managers

Mockup of onboarding checklist

Are you a manager gearing up for a new hire's arrival? Wondering how to ensure they hit the ground running? Look no further! We've created an onboarding checklist designed to help you streamline the process and maximize productivity.

In this resource, you will uncover:

What to share during preboarding

First impressions matter! Fill the gap between signing the contract and the first day with different items on the checklist

Actions for the first day of work

Give a welcome package, introduce your new hire to their buddy and give an office tour: check off all the boxes for a great first day.

What to do in the first weeks

Set your new hire up for a great start in the organization by providing the right tools and resources. Check all the action items.

Continuous learning

Succesful onboarding takes longer than a week. Find out what you need to do after the first days.