Infographic: Work-life Balance

Mockup of our infographic: How promoting work-life balance can help your organization

A healthy work-life balance is crucial for both your employees and your organization. By taking the right steps to promote a good work-life balance you can create a healthy working culture for all your employees!

In this resource, you will uncover:

Statistics about why work-life balance matters

A healthy balance between work and life is crucial, not just for your employees but for your organization as well.

Why you should promote flexible working schedules

Did you know that 89% of surveyed HR professionals saw an increase in employee retention after implementing flexible work policies?

The impact of onboarding on new hires’ work-life balance

It’s time to onboard new hires into your work-life balance focused culture!

How Digital Onboarding can help with work-life balance

Last but not least: advice on how to use a digital onboarding platform to promote a healthy work-life balance.