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AI Onboarding: Easily create compelling content with Appical.AI

Stop wasting time trying to find the perfect words or spending hours crafting an introduction text. Meet our AI Content Assistant - your new sidekick when it comes to creating professional and engaging onboarding content.

A mockup of our product showcasing Appical AI content assistant, where you put in a prompt asking the Content Assistant to explain GDPR with easy to understand examples for new hires, and sparkles icon and emojis showing AI generated text.

Easily create engaging onboarding content

Rewrite existing content

Looking to give your content a upgrade? No problemo!  Just copy and paste it into the tool and communicate your desired changes.

Example prompt:

"Rewrite this text about our company [add link] to introduce our new hires to our company Appical. Use a friendly tone of voice and add emoji’s."

Create new content

In need of some inspiration? We've got you! Use one of our examples prompts or just state your question or instruction and let AI surprise you!

Example prompt:

"List and describe the 3 highest-rated lunch spots around our office The Curve in Amsterdam Noord. Include addresses."

Set the appropriate tone

You can instruct Appical.AI to reply in your desired style: whether you aim for a formal tone, a more casual approach or want to add a touch of humor.

Example prompt:

"Write a short paragraph to explain GDPR, but use simple and fun examples to make it easy for our new hires to understand.

A mockup of an example prompt: "Write a friendly-toned 100-word paragraph about the importance of office ergonomics"
Kiss Writer's Block Goodbye

Content creation made easy

With AI Content Assistant, writing onboarding content is as easy as a few clicks. Simply tell our assistant what you want to write about, give instructions about the length or tone of voice, and let the magic happen. In a matter of seconds, our AI-powered assistant will create engaging and creative content that will captivate your new hires.

A woman smiling at her laptop, with mockups of lines of content generated.
Empowering HR Professionals

Save time and resources

We all know that gathering information from your organization is one thing, but turning it into compelling content for new hires? That's a whole different- and time-consuming - ballgame. With Appical.AI you no longer have to rely on marketing and communication teams or spend countless hours on content creation. Experience the power to do it all yourself, with ease! Just imagine the valuable hours and resources you will save.

A man smiling and pointing at his phone, with emojis floating around indicating that the app is fun and informational.
Enhanced Employee Experience

Boost the engagement of your new hires

Appical.AI Content Assistant not only saves precious time for your HR team but also improves the overall employee experience. No more boring blocks of information for new hires! Instead, they'll be welcomed with engaging and creative content that instantly connects them to the organization. This gets new hires excited to learn more and ultimately leads to greater engagement and understanding of the whole organization.

The future of onboarding starts here

Let's revolutionize the onboarding process together!

By embracing AI, Appical is paving the way for the future of onboarding. We want to revolutionize how you create onboarding journeys, making it easier to craft experiences that are informative and enjoyable for new employees.

We believe that by teaming up and brainstorming together, we'll unlock the limitless possibilities of AI in onboarding. We are eager to hear your thoughts! So let's embark on this exciting journey together. Starting right here, right now.


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