What is preboarding?

Preboarding is the key to a successful onboarding process. It helps new hires transition into their job and engage with the organization, from the moment they sign their contract.

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Why preboarding matters

  • Increase engagement, even before the first day.
    Preboarding helps bridge the gap between the moment the new hire signs and the day they start.
  • Get new hires up to speed quickly.
    Preboarding helps new hires feel informed, familiar & well-prepared to start their new job.
  • Save time on paperwork and repetitive onboarding tasks,
    so you can give your new hires the warm welcome they deserve. 
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This is how we do it

How our platform supports Preboarding

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Share information before the first day

Starting a new job is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Ease your new hires' nerves by sharing company information and practical information up front, like company mission, dress code, and office location. Your new hires will feel right at home on their first day and reach their full potential quickly.
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Engage new hires with interactive content

Did you know that one third of new employees leave within six months? Engage your new hires via our platform with quizzes, videos and questionnaires. Send messages to keep the new hire updated and build relationships early on. There are plenty of options to create an effective and fun onboarding journey!
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Save time with an automated onboarding process

HR work often involves paperwork and repetitiveness, especially for hiring. Utilizing a standardized onboarding process with checklists, reminders, and tasks can help. Make sure all paperwork is taken care of before the new hire's first day, so you free up time to give your new hire a warm welcome.

Customer Stories

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Friso Visser
“The best compliment I got is when one new hire said that Wortell not only welcomes new employees with a warm bath, but also adds a bottle of champagne, luscious bath foam and great background music. Which Appical being the champagne in this case.”
Friso Visser
Employer Branding Marketeer

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