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Investing in interns
min read

Why and how should you invest in your interns?

What are the benefits for your company when you truly invest in your interns? In this blog, we will give you the why and how!

min read

From start to finish: 5 Strategies to boost app engagement

Delve into the insights on increasing engagement rates in your onboarding app. Learn how to make it effective for each new hire.

A man in a white shirt waving on a yellow background.
min read

21 Creative welcome kit ideas for new employees

Discover the power of well-crafted employee onboarding kits. Learn 21 creative ideas to make new hires feel valued from the get-go.

Two people looking at the phone and celebration success on a red background.
min read

Increase the adoption of your onboarding platform: 5 tips for more logins

Discover key strategies for increasing onboarding platform adoption rates and learn actionable tips to ensure an increased number of logins.

A woman in a dark blue bubble pointing upwards towards a white bubble with a golden trophy, the composition is on a coral background.
min read

How to introduce employee recognition into your onboarding process

Learn how to improve employee engagement and retention through effective recognition methods tailored to the onboarding journey.

A woman showing a notepad with a white bubble next to her, the bubble contains 3 emojis (a star, an ink pen and a palette).
min read

The power of storytelling in employee onboarding: Examples & tips

Create an engaging employee onboarding experience through the power of storytelling. Get working examples and tips, effectively structure your narrative.

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