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Protect your remote workers from phishing
min read

This is how you protect your remote workers from phishing

How do you protect remote workers from a distance? We give 5 tips to keep your employees safe.

A mockup indicating the use of AI to write content
min read

7 Tips for writing onboarding content with AI (+ Prompt Examples)

Discover 7 tips to enhance onboarding content with AI! Learn how Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) can create captivating, experiences for new hires.

A photo of Victor Romijn smiling
min read

Vic's Learnings: Onboarding is always about people

Discover the importance of personalization in onboarding and how it contributes to the success of new employees in this blog post.

Victor pointing upwards indicating an idea while smiling
min read

Vic’s Learnings: Why Time is the Greatest Onboarding Investment

However swamped you are as a manager, make time for your new employee. This is why time is the best onboarding investment you can make.

Hand with floating leaves
min read

Creating a sustainable onboarding journey: 9 Tips for a greener welcome

We've put together some practical tips for creating a more sustainable onboarding journey.

Hand with plant
min read

Small Changes, Big Impact: 25 Simple ways to improve sustainability in your workplace

Every office, no matter its size or industry, has the potential to make a positive impact on the environment. In this blog we will share 25 simple ways to improve sustainability in your workplace.

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