What is offboarding?

Unfortunately, there comes a moment when your employee leaves: whether it’s through resignation, termination or retirement. Offboarding involves all the necessary steps for bringing the employee journey to a perfect end.

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The benefits of a great offboarding process

  • Turn your leaving employees into brand ambassadors
    by providing a smooth exit, every time.
  • Collect feedback to help your organisation improve.
    Offboarding can provide valuable feedback to the company and help identify areas of improvement.
  • Retain knowledge and ensure every box is checked.
    Automating the offboarding process is a surefire way to ensure all loose ends are tied up.
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This is how we do it

How our platform supports Offboarding

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A clear overview of all the offboarding tasks

Your ever-expanding to-do list can make it easy to overlook key steps to offboard an employee. Our offboarding platform provides a clear overview of all tasks and automatically notifies all parties of required actions: from revoking access to preparing a hand-over. This ensures compliance, security and knowledge retention.
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Collect feedback about your organization

Departing employees offer valuable insights to improve your organization. Why did they leave? How can you prevent this? Our app offers various feedback features such as feedback chapters, likert scales and essay pages. Collect and analyze this data to make informed decisions and avoid future talent loss.
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Show that you care with a smooth exit

Employees are the face of the organization, even after they leave. Offboarding helps maintain a positive relationship and encourages referrals. Show your employees that you care. With an offboarding platform you guarantee a smooth exit every time. Get feedback, tie loose ends and prepare for the fun part: a great farewell celebration for every departing employee! Remember: a goodbye doesn’t have to be a farewell - a good offboarding process keeps the door open for boomerang employees, reducing future recruitment and training costs.

Customer Stories

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Sasja Luijk
"The advantage of the Appical app is that the employees can give their feedback at any time during the offboarding process. The result is that we get more extensive feedback than during one exit interview."
Sasja Luijk
HR Manager at ZEISS Benelux

Give your new hires a memorable offboarding experience

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