Manager’s e-guide to remote employee onboarding

Mockup remote onboarding e-guide

Hooray, you hired a remote new team member! But how can you successfully onboard your new hire? We share 6 valuable tips that will help you successfully onboard new remote workers. Read all about it in our e-guide.

In this resource, you will uncover:

Give remote employees a warm welcome

Connect with your new hire before and at the first day on different levels, online and offline, by using these tips.

Use online tools & technology

To keep working remotely scalable and productive, use technology that is accessible for everyone.

Create a remote work process

Once your new hire has access to the right tools, have a plan in place in which you explain the ‘rules’ of remote working.

Keep your remote team connected

Socialization is a crucial ingredient for a successful onboarding. Let's kick things off by organizing one or more activities from our list.