E-book: Surprising onboarding statistics (2024)

Mockup infographic surprising onboarding statistics

Did you know that only 52% of employees report being satisfied with their current onboarding process? Check out our eye-opening onboarding statistics e-book for more reasons why your organization should hop on board with a modern onboarding program. Download it now!

In this resource, you will uncover:

The importance of effective onboarding (before day 1)

Losing employees not only has negative strategic, practical, and well-being implications, but it also takes a toll on the financial side.

Advantages of a digital onboarding program

Since remote work has become such an essential part of our jobs, the need for digital tools is crucial. Let’s look at the impact it can have on HR processes.

Why you should use AI

Did you know that 35% of companies worldwide are already utilizing AI in their operations, while another 42% are actively exploring its potential applications?

The role offboarding plays in the employee lifecycle

Discover the significance of creating a positive and enduring impact on employees who are transitioning out of your organization.