Together we can turn every new beginning into an unforgettable experience

With our interactive onboarding platform, we encourage organizations to transform the way they welcome new team members and support current employees during any transition they may face. We are on a mission to create exceptional and engaging onboarding experiences from start to finish. New beginnings start here!

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How it started vs. How it’s going

We gained more than 10 years of onboarding experience!


A paper handbook

Appical was founded in 2012. Back then, you could expect dusty paper handbooks to read on your first days. Luckily, our founders had a marvellous idea: get rid of the paper handbook and create a solution that benefits both parties: the company and the new hire.


An interactive onboarding experience

The result? An easy-to-use platform that provides your new employees with a meaningful & epic digital onboarding experience! Since then, We have been working with more than 400 clients, with as many as 438.645 users. Including, of course, our own talents!

400+ Companies trust Appical to create great beginnings for their employees
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In 2022 we joined the Visma family!

In 2022 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and - as the icing on the cake - we became part of the Visma family. Visma delivers software that simplifies the work lives of entrepreneurs, businesses, and societies. Together we make a powerful team, able to serve you in the best way possible!

We are now part of an organization with 14,000 employees. With this extensive network, we accelerate our business ambitions and strengthen our position in Europe.

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These are the beliefs that guide our evolution

The Appical Values

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At our company, we hold our core values in high regard. We are proud of them, as they shape the way we take care of our product, team, and business. These core values are what define us, and we strive to represent them in all that we do.

Onboarding successes around the globe

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Meet our captains

Wietske van Hees

Wietske van Hees

Managing Director

What energizes me? Seeing our teams grow in how we help our clients with our onboarding platform. My goal is to be the living proof with Appical that we can win in business while being human first.

Mario García de Leon

Mario García de Leon

Marketing Director

An inclusive culture with great collaborations, both with clients and with my team: that's what I love to work towards. Together, we take Appical to the next level.

Barbara Vogelaar

Barbara Vogelaar

Director People & Operations

It is my personal objective to create an atmosphere where everybody will contribute to the company objectives from her or his own unique talents. A fantastic process.

Meghan Parinussa

Meghan Parinussa

Director of Customer Success & Onboarding

With an eye for expansion and retention my teams set our customers up for success. I’m passionate with helping my team members flourish, so we can win together.

Sweder de Bruijn

Sweder de Bruijn

Director Product & Development

My goal? Establish a compelling roadmap based on all stakeholders' input and relevant data. To build features our customers love!

Douwe Okker

Douwe Okker

CFO - Finance, Tax & Legal

I will always dedicate my efforts to working smarter and not harder. Because I truly believe that working in a fast and cost-effective manner will help our business grow.

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Words from our Managing Director

“Years ago, after graduating in Human Resource Studies, I explored how to make an impact within organizations. Leading in HR Tech is where it all comes together: we can drive change ourselves.”

“I have experienced the power of Visma and am now embarking on my next adventure under their wings. Since March 1, 2023, I have been working as Managing Director of Appical.”

Awarded by many


Best New Hire Onboarding Program 2021
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FIRM Awards Best Onboarding

Conde Nast

Main Software 50

Netherlands 2021

Erasmus Centre Entrepreneurship

Netherlands 2020

Heineken Brewhouse

Singapore 2019

Main Software 50

Netherlands 2019

Customer Stories

Trusted by enterprises, midsize organisations and the public sector.

“At the Municipality of Vught, all new employees are onboarded through the app. This approach saves a significant amount of time in the initial phase, as new colleagues can access a wealth of information through the app and review it on their own before their first day.”
Noor Zoontjens
HR Advisor at the Municipality of Vught

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