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Elevate your onboarding with our Professional Plan

Our Professional Plan is designed specifically for medium-sized businesses, offering a comprehensive range of features to streamline your onboarding process.

Equipped with advanced tools such as interactive templates, a data dashboard, manager toolkit, and tagging capabilities, you can effortlessly craft engaging onboarding experiences for your team.

Additionally, our seasoned experts provide dedicated support to ensure you maximize the potential of the platform.

Professional Plan

Automation & personalization
Personalize your new hires’ experience

Guarantee a consistent experience for every new hire, while also delivering tailored and relevant content.

Reports & Analytics
Make data-driven decisions

Quickly gain comprehensive insights into the outcomes of your onboarding program and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Involve your (hiring) managers

With our platform, managers can effortlessly track progress, foster early relationships, and receive timely reminders for critical tasks.

Mockup of managing country tags for the Appical app

Customize your onboarding journey

Different roles demand specific skills and knowledge, and diverse locations - whether remote, across various offices, or in different countries - call for customized approaches. With our platform's tagging feature, we ensure that each new hire receives the tailored information they need while maintaining a consistent experience across the board.
Mockup of our dashboard with charts and progress bar

Evaluate and enhance your onboarding

Curious about your onboarding platform's performance? Our platform helps you leverage strengths and identify areas for improvement - all within one comprehensive overview. Plus, our interactive feedback features enable you to collect valuable insights from new hires for a comprehensive understanding of the onboarding experience. With this information at your disposal, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your onboarding process for maximum effectiveness.
Mockup of our Manager Toolkit manage invite screen where managers can write a welcome message

Support & engage your managers

Empower your managers to lead the onboarding journey with confidence, ensuring seamless transitions and achieving greater success. Our platform equips managers with tools to effortlessly track new hire progress, communicate with new team members, and offer assistance as needed. Simplify their workflow further by setting automatic reminders for critical tasks, streamlining the onboarding process for everyone involved.

Ongoing support

Guidance at every step of the way

With our onboarding platform, you'll have the advantage of personalized guidance from an experienced implementation consultant. We'll help you identify your onboarding goals, design a tailored onboarding journey, and provide training for optimal app deployment. Our commitment doesn't end with the app launch; our ongoing support ensures you maximize its potential and reach your goals.

Sanne van Leeuwen
Humanitas DMH
“It's more than just an app, Appical provides me with knowledge, feeds me ideas and always gives me the opportunity to spar. It has become a permanent part of my network."
Sanne van Leeuwen
Consultant Labor Market Communication

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