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Get a simple and effective onboarding solution with our Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is perfect for small organizations that want a simple and effective onboarding solution. It includes all the essential features you need to create a smooth and impactful onboarding experience.

Engage your new hires with captivating stories, feedback questions, quizzes, and videos, even before day one. Plus, gain full insights into the success of your onboarding program with our reporting and dashboard features.

Essential Plan

Engagement & retention
Engage new hires with interactive content

Welcome new hires warmly and create connections with an interactive onboarding process, even before day one.

Time-based unlocking
Avoid information overload

Prevent new hires from feeling overwhelmed on their first day with our phased onboarding platform that delivers content gradually.

Streamline the process
Save time by automating tasks

Onboarding can be time-consuming and repetitive. Automate the process to save time while enhancing the experience for new hires.

A mockup of our product showing the Assign page, where there are photos of people and name cards. New hires have to drag it to the right photo.

Boost the engagement of your new hires

Engagement is key in building lasting connections from day one. With our onboarding platform, you can warmly welcome new hires and cultivate meaningful relationships before they even arrive. Our tool offers insights into your company's culture, values, and expectations, while incorporating multimedia elements for an interactive and enjoyable onboarding experience.

By providing a rich onboarding journey, you enhance engagement and increase the likelihood of fostering long-term commitment.
A mockup of our product showcasing Appical AI content assistant, where you put in a prompt about writing a friendly-toned 100-word paragraph about the importance of office ergonomics, and sparkles icon showing AI generated text.

Save time with automated onboarding

Finding the time and resources for effective onboarding can be a challenge. Appical is here to help by automating the onboarding process, saving you valuable time while ensuring a great experience for every new hire. With timely reminders, checklists for new hires, buddies, and managers, and automated messages to keep everyone engaged, you can streamline your onboarding journey. Plus, our AI Content Assistant is here to assist you in creating engaging content with just a few clicks.
Mockup of our app with checklist items for a new hire

Onboard new hires, without overhelming them

Embarking on a new job can feel like a whirlwind of information. That's why our platform offers a structured approach to sharing content, enabling HR professionals to introduce information gradually, rather than overwhelming new hires on day one.

By providing crucial details before their start date and presenting relevant information at key moments during their onboarding journey, you empower new hires to acclimate to their roles at their own pace, paving the way for a successful time at your company.

Self service with support from our experts

Our user-friendly self-service portal and training videos are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the app independently. In addition, we provide support through expert sessions to help you establish a solid foundation. Drawing from over 12 years of experience collaborating with customers across industries, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and best practices that we are eager to share with you.

Together, let's create your ideal onboarding experience!

Sanne van Leeuwen
Humanitas DMH
“It's more than just an app, Appical provides me with knowledge, feeds me ideas and always gives me the opportunity to spar. It has become a permanent part of my network."
Sanne van Leeuwen
Consultant Labor Market Communication

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