Wortell created an award-winning onboarding experience with Appical

Every year, Wortell hires another 40 new employees. These new hires are prepared for their new jobs via Appical’s onboarding app and then go through the ‘car wash’, the Wortell-specific onboarding program. Wortell won the Onboard.Award in 2019 for their onboarding method. What exactly does this award-winning onboarding experience look like?

Wortell winning the Onboard Award
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What was Wortells onboarding challenge?

Wortell believes that technology-driven organizations have the advantage. They help organization stay at the forefront through the smart use of Microsoft Technology, so that they can continue to provide a great service to (new) consumer and employees. Wortell has been doing this with more than 200 smart and passionate 'Wortellers', as their employees are called. "We're a real family and all a bit crazy."

Wortell wants to give new hires good support from the start and offers a thoroughly thought-out onboarding experience. “The most important thing is that the new employees get off to a flying start. That is why we provide them with as much information about the organization and their career journey at Wortell as possible. We were looking for a tool that could do this for us, and that is how we found Appical,” Friso Visser explains, Employer Branding Marketeer and responsible for the implementation of Appical at Wortell.

How does Wortells onboarding program look like now?

“We start preboarding our candidates by giving them access to the app ahead of the terms of employment interview. The app gives candidates all the information they need for the third interview and also contains some video and images of Wortell to give them an impression of our company.

In this way, Appical creates more contact moments during the candidate journey, which automatically results in closer bonding with the organization. Even before their first working day, the new employees already know what the various departments do, who is on their team thanks to the “People Finder” and who they can go to if they have a specific question.

“The app helps our employees take in all the know-how available in the organization a lot quicker. They no longer have to explore and get to learn the entire organization by themselves, but know who to turn to if they need specific information. We noticed that new Wortellers can start getting to work a lot quicker this way.”

The Wortell Car Wash

New hires aren’t just thrown in the deep on their first day of work. In addition to the digital onboarding app, physical sessions are organized as part of the Wortell-car wash. This interactive onboarding program ‘polishes’ the new hires and introduces them to the Wortell way of working. They are also introduced to their new colleagues, which helps them build up a network within the company.

All new hires are assigned a buddy, who is available for tips and support in the first month, and they have two appraisal interviews with HR, with HR director Marlon, for instance.

Focus on the individual

What characterizes a ‘Worteller’? They have to be curious and helpful. We continue to emphasize the importance of these characteristics after the onboarding period as well, with our performance and career coaches who support employees in their personal growth and career development.

The onboarding app, the ‘car wash’ and the support system with a buddy, HR and coaches during the onboarding period, ensure that new hires become ‘Wortellers’ as soon as they place their signature on the employment contract.

Did you know...

  • Wortell won the award for ‘Best Employer of the Year’ in the category IT services for the second time in 2019?
  • Wortell won the Onboard.Award for ‘Best Onboarding Program’ in 2019?
  • Wortell does not have any managers? They work with self-organizing teams

Friso Visser
“The best compliment I got is when one new hire said that Wortell not only welcomes new employees with a warm bath, but also adds a bottle of champagne, luscious bath foam and great background music. Which Appical being the champagne in this case.”
Friso Visser
Employer Branding Marketeer

What employees say about Appical

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Welcome message in the Wortell onboarding app

Prepare for the job

After the second interview, candidates are given access to the onboarding app to prepare for the job offer and complete the procedure.
Chapter in the Wortell onboarding app

Welcome to the club!

In the app, Wortell explains new hires more about the company’s origin story, introduces them to their colleagues, including their personal buddy, and gives more practical information about their first day.
Information about the Wortell Car Wash in the onboarding app

The Wortell-car wash

Because the Wortell company color is green; new hires get ‘greenwashed’ in the Wortell car wash during the first few weeks. The app explains more about this process.
Quiz chapter in the Wortell onboarding app

The first month

In the first couple of weeks, the app explains all the house rules, how the company celebrates successes and how the interim appraisals work.