Wietske van Hees new managing director of Visma company Appical

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January 31, 2023
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Wietske van Hees (40) will start working as the managing director at HR-tech company Appical, a part of the Visma group, from March 1st. In her role, Van Hees will contribute to the ambition of becoming the leading European onboarding tech platform.

Van Hees has held various leadership roles in which working with customers was central. In the past 5 years, Van Hees has led the customer success teams as a director of customer success. She has played a connecting role in the transformation towards a data-driven company. In addition, various HR solutions and services have been further developed based on customer feedback.

International Growth

Van Hees has been a member of the Appical board of directors since its acquisition by Visma in February 2022. In this role, she advised the Amsterdam-based software company on strategy, customer experience, and organizational development. She finds her colleagues to be energetic and professional and sees opportunities to expand the company nationally and internationally. She plans to achieve this by establishing further collaborations and developing the onboarding platform.

Regarding her new position, Van Hees said: "Appical has developed an onboarding platform that has the potential to support any organization in increasing employee engagement and retention. The company has everything it needs to support employers in this tight labor market by engaging and retaining new talent from day one. I am delighted to lead this beautiful company."

Companies that strengthen each other

Van Hees considers it an advantage to remain within the Visma group. "Visma's business model of a group of autonomous companies that strengthen each other is very appealing to me. I am pleased that I can use the experience and network that I have built up at Visma | Raet to help Appical in the new phase within the Visma group."

Wietske van Hees is succeeding Hans van Rijnswoud.

If you have any questions or interview requests, please email: marketing@appical.nl.

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