7 Onboarding trends for 2023

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January 3, 2023
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2023 is here! That’s why we want to bring you up to speed on the latest onboarding trends. As businesses continue to rapidly innovate, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to onboarding new employees. In this blog, we discuss seven onboarding trends for 2023 that businesses should be aware of.

1. Hybrid and remote work is here to stay (perfecting hybrid work)

Remote work wasn’t just a buzzword for 2020, as we now know. The world of work has changed for the better. Introducing technology, hybrid policies, and collaborative workspaces will be key to keeping employees connected next year.

As technology continues to evolve, so too does the potential for remote work. In 2023, remote work is expected to become even easier and more efficient. Thanks to advances in cloud computing, virtual meeting platforms, and improved communication tools. 

For employers, this means being able to hire the best talent regardless of geographical location, as well as being able to provide employees with more freedom and flexibility. For employees, this means being able to work from anywhere in the world while still being connected to the office. For your onboarding process, this means that offering a strong virtual program is almost inevitable. 

“Nearly 90% of knowledge workers don’t want to return to the office full time” (Miro)

2. Work-life balance is more important than ever

Companies are beginning to recognize that a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, results in happier employees. Think of higher productivity, a more positive attitude and more motivation. 

The flexibility of remote and hybrid work has shown us the importance of work-life balance. As a result, onboarding processes are being tweaked to include this topic. This allows new hires to feel supported as they transition into the workplace. It also ensures that employees have the necessary tools and resources to manage their workloads and personal lives effectively.

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3. Mental health & diversity and inclusion as a priority

Organizations are also encouraged to create an environment where employees feel supported and are given the space to express themselves. They will continue to prioritize the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees in 2023. This means that employers will be providing initiatives such as flexible working hours, access to mental health resources, and personal development opportunities.

Besides that, companies will continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in 2023, with an emphasis on creating a safe and supportive work environment for all employees. Regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. 

So make sure to give your new employees some extra support by adding meditation to the onboarding app. Or by sharing a podcast and some calming exercises. And explain your diversity and inclusion policy in the preboarding phase already. Let your creativity flow here!

4. Clear goals and expectations

Setting a clear direction of goals and expectations is an important onboarding trend for 2023. By setting clear goals and expectations, companies can ensure that their new employees are set up for success and are better equipped to reach their potential.

Provide new hires with a detailed job description, company mission statement, and company values. Also create a clear path to success and set realistic goals. This can be done with a timeline of tasks and milestones that new hires should reach. As a result, employees will get better at prioritizing their tasks. It will give them a sense of direction. 

5. Career growth and development is an HR priority

With digitization and hybrid work models, many employees need new skills and opportunities to advance their careers. A lack of training opportunities is one of the primary reasons people leave an organization. (Effectory)

By providing employees with development opportunities, HR can help employees gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experiences. This will not only benefit them in their current roles but will also help them advance in their careers. Career growth and development helps organizations to stay competitive in the market by having a workforce that is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.

Don’t wait any longer and add a personalized, mini-course to the onboarding process - for example, customized by function or team.

6. Focus on employee engagement

Engaged employees are essential to a company’s success, as they are more likely to be productive, creative and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. It is no surprise, then, that companies are investing in creating a positive employee experience for employees at every stage of their journey. From onboarding to offboarding. 

Open communication between employees and managers is essential for fostering an engaged workforce. Make sure to provide employees with an open platform for sharing their ideas and feedback. Always make sure to plan some fun team-building activities. This will help new employees get to know their colleagues better and create a sense of community.

7. The use of AI as an automation tool

One of the most important changes will be the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate many aspects of onboarding. AI can be used to screen and analyze resumes, schedule interviews, and even handle tasks like onboarding paperwork. This reduces the need for manual input and allows companies to onboard new employees in a much more efficient way. 

Think of automated onboarding reminders and personalized training materials. This helps ensure that new employees have a better understanding of their role and the company’s expectations, which can help improve employee retention and satisfaction.

Onboarding trends in 2023 will be heavily focused on the use of technology to streamline processes, enhance the overall employee experience, and reduce time to productivity. These advances will help companies create a more efficient, engaging, and interactive onboarding process that will benefit both employers and employees.

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