Best of 2021: our top 6 most read blogs

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Milo Baars
December 28, 2021
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With a brand new year around the corner, we decided to look back at the hectic year we had. We dove into the data to uncover the stories you couldn’t get enough of, to make sure you don’t miss out on the most popular blogs in 2021. This year, our readers loved to learn more about offboarding, hybrid onboarding and falling in love. Yes, you read that correctly. Scroll down to find out what we’re talking about and which blog takes the #1 position.

Let the countdown begin!

6. How to Design a Highly Effective and Efficient Hiring Process

Most organizations do not have unlimited time or money to spend on hiring new employees, which makes improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process worth looking into. By digitizing and automating your onboarding you can reduce hiring costs, save time, improve the hiring process, and create a quality hiring experience—for candidates and your company. In this blog we’ll show you how to design an effective strategy for attracting the best talent and achieve the best return on investment.

5. 4 tools you want to use for a memorable offboarding program

Most people are familiar with the term employee onboarding. But what about offboarding? In other words: how to give your leaving employee a great goodbye. Creating a new offboarding program for your company can look like a lot of work, but with the right tools, it’s not. This blog highlights 4 tools to help you create a stellar and memorable offboarding program.

4. How to get your employees to fall in love with you and your company?

The only thing better than loving your job is having your employees love you back. Why, you ask? Employees who like and respect you are often more satisfied, more productive and are less likely to leave your organization as they enjoy their job. This blog post lists 6 ways you can help your employees fall in love with your leadership skills and your company. 

3. How to incorporate the 6c’s in your hybrid onboarding program

Across the world, the majority of employees want their organisation to offer a mix of remote work and office-time. Companies, on the other hand, are still somewhat hesitant to fully embrace the hybrid workspace. So is this hybrid work model the future? What does that mean for my organization? And how do you support your hybrid workforce in every step of their employee journey? In this blog, we will help you with one area in this journey, by showing you how to incorporate the hybrid work model in your onboarding program.

2. How to automate a seamless onboarding experience with workflows 

Automating your onboarding process might seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. But by automating workflows, you allow you and your organisation to save time that can be devoted to other high-value tasks and projects. On top of that, it becomes much simpler to set up each and every new hire for success. In this blog, we will introduce onboarding workflows and give you 5 quick and easy tips on how workflow automation can benefit and strengthen your onboarding program.

1. Why you should not forget your offboarding process 

It seems like offboarding was a hot topic in 2021 as it makes a second appearance in this top 6. Still, chances are your offboarding receives a lot less attention than your onboarding. Many companies overlook the importance of giving your new hires a proper farewell. But why should you put in the effort? In this blog we’ll tell you exactly why offboarding matters and we provide you with some tips to start with your own offboarding program. Thus, assuring a smooth and positive last impression of the company.

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