Top 5 most-read onboarding blogs of 2022

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Jessica Heijmans
December 23, 2022
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Welcome to our top 5 most popular blogs of 2022! We have rounded up the most popular and talked about blogs from the past year. Our selection includes blogs that discuss why employees leave, how to prevent them from doing so and other relevant topics in the realm of Human Resources. So let's get started - let's explore the top 5 onboarding blogs of 2022!

1. 5 onboarding trends for 2022 and beyond

To keep up with the changing work environment, it is important to stay up to date on the newest onboarding and HR processes and techniques. Although this blog is written in early 2022, it is still relevant today. For instance, it speaks to the significance of employee growth, working from home, and fostering relationships.

Read about the 2022 onboarding trends

PS: A new blog about trends in 2023 will follow soon!

2. How to promote employee wellbeing in the workplace

It is important to remember that employees are people first and foremost. In this blog, we will examine the importance of creating a supportive work environment for your employees. We will also provide helpful tips and strategies to ensure your employees are given the best support and motivation.

Read about employee wellbeing

3. 9 things we learned at Onboard Amsterdam 2022

Are you having difficulty attracting and keeping employees? You are not the only one! Maintaining a competent workforce is a major issue right now. In this blog post, we explore how different organizations have different strategies for getting, introducing, and preserving their staff. Take a look at 9 things we learned from Onboard Amsterdam 2022. 

Learn from other organizations

4. A new hire’s onboarding experience at Appical

Imagine this: You have just become part of a company that has developed an onboarding program. You would expect the onboarding process to be great, wouldn't you? We asked Manouk, our junior copywriter, about her onboarding experiences at Appical. Find out what Manouk has to say about onboarding at Appical, and get a sneak peek at our onboarding journey!

Learn about Manouk's onboarding experience

5. 4 reasons why employees quit their jobs voluntarily

Employees quitting their jobs voluntarily can often be a surprise to their employers. It can be hard to understand why someone would leave a secure job and the income it provides. However, there can be many reasons why an employee decides to quit their job. In this blog, we will look at four key reasons why employees might choose to leave their job voluntarily. 

Find out the 4 reasons why employee quit their jobs

We hope this list of the top five most-read onboarding blogs of 2022 has given you some valuable insights and ideas to help you improve your onboarding process for your company. There are plenty of other resources available on our website to help you create an onboarding plan that works for you, so don’t hesitate to explore them.

Good luck!

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