How To Get Your Employees To Fall in Love With You and Your Company

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Navin Suneej
February 9, 2021
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The only thing better than loving your job is having, your employees love you back. Whether you see this as personal development or simply because you want to be a better manager for your team, here are 6 ways you can help your employees fall in love with your leadership skills and your company.

Whilst having your employees love you may boost your self-confidence, there are several other reasons why you should strive to have your team like you. Being a likeable manager creates an enjoyable work environment for employees; increasing productivity and overall higher work-life satisfaction.  

Love at First Sight 

First impressions matter: it sets the tone for how your employees are supposed to behave and feel around you as their manager. Especially new recruits will need guidance to get accustomed to working for you and the company. Ensure you have a proper onboarding process to help your new talent feels both welcomed and comfortable in their new environment. 

Even for existing employees, it is important to make a good first impression of the day. Join a meeting call early and if time permits to stay back after a call to chat with your employees. This will ensure that your first contact with them will be positive. 

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Take them out on Dates

Not actual dates, but coffee dates ☕️! Whether it is at the office lounge or via a zoom call, coffee dates allow you to interact with your employees on a more personal level. It is a great way to also get to know people better with whom you may not regularly work with. You’ll better understand their role in the company, but also take the opportunity to talk about their personal interests in life.

Getting to know what your employees are like as individuals, will allow you to better connect with them and also better evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Be the manager that remembers their birthdays, can talk about their interests or congratulate them on personal achievements.


Put them on a Pedestal 

Your team works hard every day to complete their deliverables. Maybe they closed a tough deal or went beyond expectations on their last project. Seize this opportunity to properly congratulate them on their victory- put them on a pedestal. Make them feel like their accomplishments matter to you and the company.

Consider sharing their achievements with the rest of your team. Not only will it make the employee feel special, but it will also incentivize others to work harder to receive your recognition. It is important for your employees to hear your opinion on their work, which leads us to our next point: feedback.


Feedback is your love language ❤️

As we previously learned, everyone likes positive feedback, but especially constructive feedback can help you be more liked in the company. Letting employees understand what went wrong and where they need to improve can help them improve their performance. Without being too judgemental, explain to the employees what steps they need to take to overcome their shortcomings and become an indispensable part of the company. 

Using examples from your own experience can help your employees relate to your feedback better. Establish yourself as the go-to person for when people need help or are stuck with a problem. This way you can identify bottlenecks and issues faster than if your employee is stuck and is too afraid to bring it up. Feedback, whether praise or constructive, if done right, will help you become a company favorite.  

May our paths cross again 

Sometimes it may not work out, maybe the spark was missing or the time wasn’t right; employee turnover is something inevitable. Yes, there always will be plenty of fish in the sea, new fresh talent waiting to be discovered and join your team, but it also does not mean that we should ignore our departing employees. 

Proper offboarding helps your employee leave your team in a memorable way. Collect insightful information on why they are leaving the company, to improve on any possible shortcomings. Resolve pain points before they exit so that they leave as a brand ambassador. Every love story comes to an end, but make this bittersweet one memorable. Who knows - maybe your paths will cross again.  

Offboarding can be a very complex task, but it does not have to be with our Offboarding Checklist

In the end, it is all fun and games

Work can be stressful, so bond with your employees as a group with things that are unrelated to what you do for work. Have company drink or play virtual games with the whole team to rekindle the excitement of going to work. These simple moments outside their day-to-day business act as team-building exercises; letting your employees know that work is also a place where you can have fun. 

Quiz nights are a fun way for everyone to get together and will be something your employees will look forward to during the week. Work-life balance is important, but make sure that work itself is balanced. An employee that is happy to work for you is a more productive employee than one that is burned out. So go out and have some fun with your team, even if it is playing Pictionary on Zoom.

A photo of a Zoom meeting with Appical

As you can see, there are several ways you get your employees to fall for you and their job. Set out to be the leader you always meant to be. Reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and make your work fun by implementing these tips in your work routine. If you want to improve the employee experience for your business, contact us today for a personalized demo


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