Thermen Resorts: From preboarding to e-learning, using a single platform

Spreading positive energy to employees, guests, and the surrounding environment is the mission of Thermen Resorts (formerly known as: Quality Wellnessresorts). To pursue this mission and make new employees feel welcome from their first day, Thermen Resorts has developed a comprehensive onboarding and e-learning program.

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Company Size

A growing family business

Thermen Resorts is a family business founded by Hans and Ineke Dolman. In 2006, they opened their first wellness resort, Thermen Bussloo, in Voorst.

The organization has grown significantly in the years since. There are now four locations spread throughout the Netherlands: Thermen Bussloo, Thermen Berendonck, Thermen Soesterberg, and Thermen Bad Nieuweschans. In addition, Thermen Bussloo and Thermen Bad Nieuweschans also have hotels to offer ultimate relaxation to their guests.

The Onboarding Challenge

The challenge Thermen Resorts faced was that their organization was growing quite rapidly. With the expansion of the number of locations, it became an increasingly difficult task to convey the story behind the organization, the core values, and the familial company culture to new employees. 

“Every month, new employees were joining us and with the expansion of additional locations, we noticed that we were constantly trying to inspire and tell the same stories to our employees about our organization", explains Jeroen van der Veen, General Manager Thermen Bussloo. "Doing that every time takes a lot of time.”

Thermen Resorts, therefore, searched for a platform to harmonize the onboarding process and to deepen it with e-learning. Ideally, this would be done via one platform. This is how they came across Appical.

Personal onboarding via the app

New employees who come on board at the family business now receive a personalized pre- and onboarding program through the Appical app and an introduction meeting on location. Two weeks before new employees start, they get access to the onboarding platform. The app contains specific content for all locations, departments (14 in total!), and roles at Thermen Resorts.

For example, if you start in the Beauty department at Thermen Bussloo, you will see different information than if you start at the Front Office at Thermen Soesterberg. This way, employees only see relevant information, focused on the location where they will work and their own role.

A warm welcome for new employees

The app takes new employees on a journey through their first few weeks on the job. Through the app, they get to know new colleagues and become familiar with the new work environment, making them feel at home right from the start. With practical information and fun facts, they can start their new job feeling relaxed and confident, and therefore become more productive faster.

The main goal of the app is to convey the organization's core values ​​to new employees. By doing so, employees have a stronger connection with the company right from the beginning, enabling them to embody these values when interacting with guests.

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"The advantage for us is that you can continuously refine your onboarding", says Jeroen. "The old introduction booklets from the past were printed once, and when a new manager arrived the following month, the booklet had to be reprinted. That's a thing of the past now. You can make digital adjustments continuously. This way, your introduction can always stay up to date."

New employees are also asked to share feedback and new ideas, allowing Thermen Resorts to continuously improve the onboarding program. The app also provides managers with the ability to track and monitor the onboarding process of new employees.

Introduction meeting and hospitality training

In addition to the digital onboarding program in the app, an introduction meeting is also organized every month for new colleagues. On this day, they meet all the new faces of the location where they will be working and discover the personal attention that is so characteristic of the resorts and its employees. Under the leadership of the General Manager, they get to know the company in one morning.

"There's already so much information in the app that during the introduction day, we have the opportunity to get to know each other. We want to learn about you - who you are, what you have to offer, and what you need from us. The conversations that arise from this are very valuable." - Karin Dolman, Training Coordinator for the Academy.

Thermen Resorts sees hospitality not as a goal or means, but as a vision. A drive to pamper guests to the fullest. The new employees are trained to understand exactly how to achieve this vision through our hospitality training program.

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From preboarding to e-learning, all in one platform

Thermen Resorts believes it is important for employees to grow in their abilities. Growth and development are therefore one of the core values that characterizes the company. That's why the organization not only uses Appical as an onboarding platform, but is currently working to expand it to an e-learning platform.

After onboarding, employees have access to the Academy, which contains various learning modules for each department. These modules cover everything from the latest treatments, rituals, sauna rituals, to HACCP & hygiene and leadership.

Support for employees throughout the entire employee journey

Thanks to the app, the introduction day, trainings, and the Academy, Thermen Resorts supports its employees throughout the entire onboarding journey: from preboarding to continuous learning. New employees receive a warm welcome, feel more at home quickly, and have the opportunity to grow within the organization using a single platform.

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What employees say about Appical

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Story in the onboaring app of Thermen Resorts

Preboarding Phase

Two weeks before their first day of work, new employees are granted access to the onboarding app to get acquainted with Thermen Resorts. They receive information about the origins of the family business, the core values, who their direct supervisors are, and the house rules in order to prepare for their new job.
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Personal onboarding

The app contains a personalized onboarding journey for each employee. Depending on the location and role in which you will be working, you will receive specific information about the location, your tasks, and responsibilities.
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Interactive onboarding program

The app is filled with interactive content, from videos to quiz questions, to give employees a warm welcome in a fun way. The content is released in phases so that new employees are not overwhelmed with information.
Dashboard in the onboarding app of Thermen Resorts

Monitoring the onboarding journey

As a new employee, you can see in the dashboard how far you are in your onboarding journey. In addition, managers can also follow the progress of their new employees via the platform.