Vic's Learnings: Facilitating vs Communicating in the Onboarding Journey

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Victor Romijn
June 29, 2023
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Throughout my years as an implementation consultant, I have stood around the table with clients dozens of times to outline their Onboarding Journey. We often discuss the information that needs to be included in the app and when it is relevant for the new employee.

During those sessions, it happened more than once that the conversation took a different direction: the realization dawned that there was actually more to be done than just addressing the communication aspect.

When I now outline an onboarding journey, I prefer to divide the elements into two categories: Facilitating and Communicating.

Who's taking care of what?

It's worth noting that the onboarding process involves a larger group of people. From arranging a laptop or phone and installing software by IT, to providing a locker or access card by Facilities. And of course, HR takes care of all contractual matters.

Even within the different aspects, there is room for further differentiation. Do you handle things yourself or outsource them? And when it comes to communication, it's important to consider who is responsible for which information and through which channel. And how do you go about providing the information? Are you utilizing an app similar to ours, crafting an employee handbook, or delivering it during the introduction session?

I highly recommend outlining this for various personas or target groups within your organization. We will be actively working on this ourselves soon, and I am very curious to see the results!

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