Vic's Learnings: Onboarding, whose responsibility is it anyway?

Victor Romijn
September 28, 2022
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A question we ask our (potential) clients is: after implementation, who is responsible for the app? It has happened to me more than once that onboarding was a great project, but wasn't looked at after everything was in place.

While it can be so simple! Check the app every month: is everything still correct? Have there been any changes in strategy or management? Providing an employee with outdated information is almost worse than not providing any information at all.

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Shared responsibility

But who is responsible for onboarding? At the clients where I see it going well, it's often a shared responsibility. HR takes care of inviting employees and looks at the results. 

Internal communications or labor market communications focus more on content and form, to ensure that the communication is consistent with all other communications. I sometimes call it "the final edit": receiving input from other departments and turning it into a nice whole.

Every year, and sometimes more often, you discuss the results with your Customer Success Manager. Together you look at possible adjustments and new developments.

Ultimate responsibility often lies with HR

The final responsibility and the budget often lie with HR. Logical, because they have KPIs on inflow, retention, and outflow. And so the investment in a tool like Appical can be demonstrated internally.

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