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January 16, 2023
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You’re considering taking onboarding within your company to the next level. And you are trying to convince your manager and your colleagues of the power of a strong onboarding. You've read up on our platform, but you don't know exactly what happens after you sign the contract. Time to meet Team Implementation!

How can Team Implementation help you?

Appical is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. SaaS is a model in which software applications are delivered over the Internet, allowing you to easily set up and manage the platform on your own. However, we understand that HR employees have numerous responsibilities besides onboarding.

Our Team Implementation not only helps you with setting up the app but also ensures that deadlines are met and provides guidance throughout the process. Furthermore, we believe in empowering our customers, which is why the app's design is primarily handled by you and your colleagues. You have full control over the content that appears in the app and you can easily update it yourself. It's both a stimulating and educational challenge!

Meet our Heroes: The faces behind Team Implementation

The team consists of 5 colleagues. In addition to team lead Meghan, the team is divided into project managers and implementation consultants.

A photo of Team delivery, with Meghan Parinussa - Director of Customer Success & Onboarding. Pien Hulshof, Laura Kester and Juliette Nils as Implementation Consultants and Mark Sarre as Project Manager.

Project Manager 

The project managers at our company are highly skilled professionals who effectively oversee larger projects. They meticulously define project goals, establish the necessary frameworks, and closely monitor deadlines. Additionally, the project managers ensure seamless integration of systems and maintain excellent stakeholder management. Overall, they skillfully manage the entire project timeline, ensuring its successful execution.

“As a project manager, I am your main point of contact for the duration of the project. I am responsible for ensuring that the project meets your objectives and desired outcomes. Communication is key to make this happen by keeping you up to date, solving issues and discussing the possible options for a problem free launch and optimal use of the application.” - Mark, project manager

Implementation consultants

Our implementation consultants are dedicated to assisting customers in setting up and optimizing the app to its fullest potential. They possess a deep understanding of the tool and can provide hands-on demonstrations to showcase its functionality. With their expertise, our consultants guide our customers in starting off on the right track. They focus solely on app implementation and work closely with each customer to ensure a successful and tailored experience.

“My goal as an implementation consultant is that my client gets the most out of the Appical platform. I want a great match between the app and the type of new hires. And together I want to ensure that the app fully meets the wishes of the target group”. - Juliette, implementation consultant

“My goal as an implementation consultant is that my client gets the most out of the Appical platform."

Does the implementation process vary depending on the type of company?

The size of your organization and the number of licenses purchased have a direct impact on the scale of the implementation project. This is why managing expectations is crucial. For instance, an enterprise customer may undergo a different process compared to a smaller company that is only going live in the Netherlands. The duration of the implementation also varies significantly in these cases.

To ensure transparency, we discuss what you can expect in advance. This includes not only project planning but also the involvement of the consultant and potentially the project manager.

Team Implementation boasts 10 years of experience in implementing our solution for various organizations. Our clientele includes government entities, healthcare institutions, ministries, IT companies, as well as corporates and commercial enterprises. This extensive experience has allowed us to build a seasoned team capable of providing excellent support to any type of company.

Which phases are involved in the app implementation process?

Phase 1: Scoping call and project planning

During the initial phase, we focus on setting the right expectations and creating a project plan. This is done through a scoping call where we understand your requirements and goals. The project schedule is also developed in this phase.

Phase 2: Designworkshop, platform training, internal session

The design phase is more creative, in which you will design your app together with the implementation consultant. What information will it contain, and which chapters will it have? You will also be trained on the correct deployment and use of the app at the front and back.

Phase 3: Work sessions and progress meeting

During the work sessions, you have the opportunity to dive in and make progress yourself. If your first chapter explores the history of the company, it is important to provide a great piece of content for this and give it your own twist. This applies to every chapter. Progress meetings will be held to see how things are going.

Phase 4: Review session and settings call

At this stage, significant progress has been made. The app is designed and populated with content. The focus now shifts to optimizing the app. A review session allows for fine-tuning and addressing any remaining issues. We will also ensure that all settings are configured correctly.

Phase 5: App Testing, Adjustments, and Launch

The final phase arrives, where employees have the opportunity to test the app. Valuable insights gathered during this testing phase can lead to necessary adjustments. Once these adjustments are made, you will be ready to confidently launch the app to your organization.


Implementation EN

*If you are an enterprise customer, additional phases will be included. The information provided above primarily aims to give you an understanding of how content integration works in the app.

Is it possible to deploy the app in multiple countries?

Appical collaborates with both local companies and multinationals. If you are part of a multinational organization, our Team Implementation will create a blueprint during the design workshop. This blueprint serves as a template that can be utilized for multiple countries, allowing for a streamlined deployment process across different locations.

During this rollout, the global content from the blueprint is implemented, ensuring that every new employee worldwide receives essential information. Afterward, the local content, such as dress codes, lunch provisions, office directions, and other practical details, can be customized per country or region. The flexibility to adapt the content depends on the choices made by the customer.

What happens after the app implementation?

Following the implementation, our Team Implementation takes care of any remaining tasks. We assist in addressing any issues that may arise during the go-live process, including user management, resolving bugs, and ensuring the smooth operation of the system.

Internal and external handover

Afterward, there is a handover process, both internally and externally. Internally, our team ensures that all relevant information is seamlessly transferred to our colleagues in Team CSM (Customer Success Management). They will be your main point of contact for continued support as a customer. Externally, we conduct a collaborative review of the entire implementation process with you, reflecting on the journey together.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the implementation process at Appical. Do you have questions or do you want to know more about our product? Then take a look at our website or schedule a short call for more information. Hope to see you soon!


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