21 Creative welcome kit ideas for new employees

Khrystyna Fedoruk
March 18, 2024
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Starting a new job is a key chapter in anyone’s career, and the introduction to this journey, the onboarding process, can be enhanced with a thoughtful welcome gift. A creatively curated onboarding kit will help your employee feel seen from day one and will leave a positive first impression. In this blog we will share 11 ideas on how you can craft a perfect welcome kit.

Why are welcome kits important? 

Welcome kits are more than just a collection of items; they're an important element of the onboarding process that marks the beginning of a new hire's journey with your company.  While crafting an engaging onboarding experience can be achieved through cost-effective methods like storytelling, adding a well-thought-out welcome kit elevates this experience.

Key advantages of providing welcome kits:

  • Creating a positive first impression: Welcome kits set a positive tone from the start, offering your new colleagues a warm welcome.
  • Showcasing company culture:  A nicely put-together welcome kit can help your new hire get a glimpse into your company's culture, values, and branding.
  • Facilitating onboarding: By including essential items such as office supplies and handy tools in a welcome package, you help new employees get started quickly and organized.
  • Boosting engagement and job satisfaction: Receiving a thoughtfully curated welcome kit demonstrates that the company cares about its employees' well-being and happiness, and helps foster a sense of belonging and appreciation.
  • Making them feel seen: Welcome kits symbolize inclusion, helping new hires feel integrated into the company community and feel like they are a part of something bigger.
  • Enhanced Employer Image: Whether your new employee shares a photo of the package online or speaks positively about it with their family and friends, a welcome package can contribute to positive publicity.

Incorporating welcome kits into the onboarding process not only enriches the new hire experience but also lays the groundwork for a lasting and productive relationship between employees and the company. Let’s learn more about where to begin.

What to include in your welcome package? The basics

At the foundation of every welcome kit should lie the essentials. Equip your new hires with everything they need to know about their role and the brand. To streamline the onboarding process, consider integrating these elements into user-friendly onboarding software, enhancing accessibility for the employee.


Make sure the kit is both straightforward and engaging - include practical yet thoughtful items such as stationery, like pens, pencils, and notebooks to evoke a sense of preparedness and belonging. 

Work tools

Additionally, facilitate the setup of essential work tools, such as the employee's laptop or phone. Remember to arrange all necessary logins and provide access to the required software.

Productivity companions 

Help your new hires get into a productive mindset by providing them with a digital or a physical schedule that lists some of the most important meetings and tasks. New employees shouldn’t feel stuck or be left wondering “What to do?” or “Where to go?”. 

21 creative ideas to make your welcome kit unique

Let's elevate your welcome kit with innovative ideas. We've organized them into five categories: branded items, eco-friendly welcome gifts, personalized offerings, remote work essentials, and budget-conscious suggestions.

Include branded items

Elevate your welcome kit with branded merchandise that not only adds a touch of personality but also deepens the new hire's connection to your company. This thoughtful gesture transforms everyday objects into symbols of belonging and pride. 

Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Branded stationery

Elevate the mundane pens, pencils, notepads, and other desk essentials with your company’s logo or in your brand colors. These items are not just practical; they serve as constant reminders of the collective identity and values your brand represents.

2. Apparel and accessories

Why not wear company pride on your sleeve? Creating company hoodies, t-shirts, or tote bags with your logo and/or slogan gives your new hires an easy way to feel a sense of belonging.

Employees of Appical wearing a Appical hoodie with the slogan 'New beginnings start here'

3. Tech essentials

In today's digital age, ensuring your employees' technology is both functional and fashionable - is key. Branded laptop covers or phone cases not only protect these valuable tools but also visually tie the team together, regardless of where your employees work.

4. Custom stickers

Offer a collection of branded stickers for employees to personalize their workspaces, tech, or even personal items. These small gestures encourage a sense of ownership and creativity among team members.

5. Branded welcome card 

You don’t have to invest a lot, a simple welcome card by the team can go a long way and brighten up your new hires' first day.

Appical welcome kit full of branded materials
One of the Appical welcome kits

Sustainable welcome gifts

By carefully selecting sustainable items for your welcome kits, you're not only making a positive statement about your organization's dedication to the planet but also inspiring your employees to adopt eco-friendly habits in their work and personal lives. 

Here are some eco-friendly and meaningful welcome kit additions:

6. Personal drinkware

Presenting employees with branded office mugs or bottles is not only a welcome gesture but also a nod to reducing single-use plastic and paper waste. Such items become staples of daily routines, both at the office and in remote work settings.

7. Green workspace

Including a live plant as part of the welcome kit can transform the new workspace. Plants not only add a splash of green and boost office aesthetics, but they also purify the air, enhance well-being, and can increase productivity by bringing a bit of nature into the workspace.

8. Eco-friendly office supplies 

Opt for stationery and office supplies made from recycled materials or sustainable sources. Notebooks made of recycled paper, pens produced from biodegradable materials, or even bamboo-based flash drives are practical yet environmentally conscious items that every new hire can appreciate.

9. Sustainable commuting options 

Encourage eco-friendly commuting by offering bike-share memberships or public transportation credits as part of the welcome package. This not only supports the environment but promotes a healthier lifestyle and introduces new team members to local commuting options.

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Personalized welcome gifts

Now, let's add a personal touch to your welcome kit with gifts tailored to your new hire’s interests and tastes.

10. Favorite snack or drink

Have you found out what your new hire likes to eat or drink? Including their favorite snack or drink in their welcome kit is a thoughtful touch that starts their experience with the company on a positive note. You could also consider preparing their favorite lunch for their first day in the office.

11. A voucher based on their interests

Tailoring a gift voucher to match the new hire's interests, whether it's for a local coffee shop, bookstore, or outdoor activity, shows that you paid attention to and valued their individual preferences.

12. A gift based on their role

Think about what would be useful for your new hire in their specific role. One thoughtful idea is to provide them with a (e-)book that relates directly to their responsibilities and objectives within the company.

13. Customized notebook or coffee mug

Provide each new employee with a high-quality notebook featuring their name or initials embossed on the cover. It's practical for note-taking during meetings and adds a personal touch. Or consider gifting a coffee mug with the company logo and the new employee's name printed on it. You could even include a selection of coffee or tea packets to go along with it.

Giving a (virtual) welcome to remote employees

In today's work world, where some people work from home or a mix of home and office, using digital tools in your welcoming process can bring everyone closer together. Here are some inclusive and easy ways to welcome your new remote workers.

14. Digital onboarding platform

Send your new employee an invitation to a digital onboarding platform, where they can learn about our company's culture and products, get practical info about the office and what's expected in their first few weeks, and meet their new colleagues.

Remember to ask them questions about their interests and preferences so you can personalize their welcome kit (see previous category).

A quiz in the Appical onboarding app
The Appical onboarding platform

15. A (video) message from the team or your CEO

Send a warm welcome message from the manager or CEO through email or your onboarding platform. Or, you can send an e-card with a friendly note from the team.

16. E-book

Provide a copy of an e-book about the company's history or culture. This can be an engaging way for the employee to immerse themselves in the company's culture from the comfort of their own home.

17. (Online) fitness memberships

Support your remote employees' well-being by offering memberships to gyms or subscriptions to online/offline fitness classes. This encourages a healthy work-life balance and underscores the company's commitment to employee wellness.

Budget-friendly ideas for your welcome kit

A warm welcome doesn't have to be expensive. Here are a few ideas for a budget-friendly welcome package.

18. Digital welcome kit components

Incorporate digital elements into your welcome kit to reduce printing and shipping costs. For example, instead of printing out training materials, provide access to online resources or digital handbooks.

19. Introduce them in your company channel

Give them a warm introduction in your company's Slack (or other channels). Use a fun gif that fits their personality or interests.

20. Reuse and repurpose

Take advantage of items you already have on hand or can repurpose from existing inventory. For example, repurpose branded merchandise from previous events or repackage unused office supplies.

21. It's the thought that counts

Remember that the thought and effort behind the welcome kit matter more than the monetary value. Focus on creating a warm and welcoming experience for new employees through personalized touches and thoughtful gestures.

A good welcome kit should reflect the company's identity and make new hires feel ready, valued, and important. Make sure to include important info, personal touches, and creative items. It's not just about giving them items; it's about starting a strong connection that lasts.

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