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Stela Kisieliūtė
November 18, 2020
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Onboard Week 2020 brought plenty of exciting talks and lively discussions. Our speakers from 12 different companies (Lightyear, Microsoft, HelloFresh… and many more) shared their extensive knowledge on preboarding, onboarding, reboarding and remote onboarding. How can your organization perfect them? And what are the best practices you can put in place yourself?

Many of you have requested to rewatch the event, or were sadly not able to attend, but there’s no need to worry. We made a quick summary of each day, and you can find the link to the recordings beneath each day’s recap - so feel free to watch them on your own time, at your own convenience!

Day 1: Onboarding as part of an impactful employee journey

We kicked off Onboard Week by focusing on the role onboarding plays in the big picture - a successful employee journey. Herman Rolfers from Heineken, Noortje Verwiel from Lightyear and Sander Houtveen from Visma discussed onboarding and the challenges surrounding it. What can corporate organizations learn about onboarding from start-ups and scale-ups? What about the HR transformation, and how should technology be used for that?



Day 2: Preboarding

The second day of Onboard Week was all about preboarding - when should it start, and what should it include? The day started with a data-driven talk from Henk Ritmeester of Microsoft exploring the changes in employee behaviour reflected by data. Tony de Graaf from SmartRecruiters focused more on the benefits of preboarding, which led to a discussion on making a connection between company and new hire during preboarding with Peter Straatsma from Appical. 



Day 3: Personal onboarding

On Wednesday, our speakers from Wortell and Humanitas DMH discussed the importance of personalizing your onboarding journey. Bryan Peereboom and Sanne van Leeuwen took on the topic from two different yet connected angles: adding a personal touch to the onboarding process, as well as encouraging new employees to express their personality. Not only does personal onboarding drive retention and productivity, it is also a competitive advantage… 



Day 4: Culture onboarding

The fourth day of Onboard Week was dedicated to culture onboarding. It was explored by speakers from two companies who believe a strong company culture is the reason for their success: Jan Arnoud Ruiter from Rabobank and Hedwig Schaap & Ard-Jan Schinkelshoek from HelloFresh. Not only did they discuss how to transfer your company culture to new employees, they also touched on a crucial topic in onboarding: inclusion and diversity. We learned that it’s important to not only take it into account, but also communicate it explicitly. 



Day 5: Reboarding/Remote onboarding

We wrapped up Onboard Week by discussing the best practices for reboarding and remote onboarding. Wencke Ester-Lorber from Great Place to Work started off by explaining the importance of psychological safety in the workplace during these uncertain times, whereas mutual trust is vital. Indra Geelen & Susan Aukema followed up by telling the success story of reboarding at Van Gogh Museum after its closure. Once again, it was all about transparency, trust, both psychological and physical safety! 



We hope you all enjoyed Onboard Week as much as we did, and the recordings will come in handy! If you want to learn more about how to plan the entire onboarding journey for your new hires, check out our pre- & onboarding plan including free templates and discover why onboarding should start before a new hire's first day.


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