Vic's learnings: Onboarding temporary employees

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Victor Romijn
August 25, 2022
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One of my clients is an organization who has the highest workload during summer. Therefore they mostly work with seasonal employees. They start in May, work during the entire summer and leave again in September. Often these are students or pupils who have just left school. These seasonal employees are only employed for a relatively short period of time, so why would you invest in them?

The answer of my contact person was actually quite simple.

"The more of these temporary employees come back next summer, the better."

These are some reasons why you should invest in interns:

Get productive sooner

They know the environment, the culture, the people and therefore do not need to be retrained. But they also work productively, way sooner than someone who is completely new. So if they are positive about their experiences the first time, they are more likely to come back. And that is what we want: especially now that there is a tight labor market and high employee turnover.

Higher turnover‍

The same goes of course for all temporary employees of other organizations. Some organizations work with a "flexible shell" of freelancers - you can onboard them too. Or how about interns? Within Appical, for example, it is the rule rather than the exception that an intern stays on as a permanent employee after the internship. Besides that, there are multiple valuable benefits of investing in interns

As a wise person once said, "If someone asks, why should I invest in someone if they leave anyway? Then answer: What if we don't do it, and they stay?"


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