Vic's learnings: Appical Customer Day 2023

Victor Romijn
February 27, 2023
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One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients is "How do others actually do this"? To answer this question, we organized our first customer day on February 23rd. During previous years we did bring customers together with online roundtables, but now we also did this physically!

The connection between online and offline onboarding

As a central theme for this day we chose the connection between online and offline onboarding. At a beautiful, centrally located location in Utrecht we met 5 clients from different industries. Our consultant Pien inspired the clients with examples from practice.

And I told something about going undercover at one of my clients. I also gave an interactive workshop where the clients themselves figured out what offline elements their onboarding has, and what could be added.

Talk to like-minded people and learn from each other

It was great to see clients reaching out to each other. Where one client struggled with inviting colleagues to the first day of work because of GDPR, another client told how exactly they solved this issue. They also elaborated on different choices they made when setting up the app. From the moments of unlocking new content to using different audiences.

We ended the day with short 1-on-1s with our colleagues of CSM and their clients. And of course we had a well-deserved drink. The most important thing I personally got out of the day: it adds tremendous value to talk about the profession with like-minded people. In a safe environment, without seeing each other as competitors. In that way it is very nice to see other solutions. Solutions you might not have thought of yourself.

And so all customers went home with renewed energy.

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