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Diana Cojocariu
April 8, 2020
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As you may have read, UK’s leading onboarding conference Onboard.London 2020 changed from a physical event to a virtual event. For Appical, this represents the perfect opportunity to challenge ourselves to use all the digital knowledge we have in order to make an unforgettable virtual conference about onboarding.

Beware: this event already took place

The main objective of this event is to share knowledge on pre- and onboarding programs that keep employees engaged and improves employee performance. It is crucial to keep effective and engaging programs for your new hires no matter the external circumstances, and that is why we adapted this years’ talks to fit the needs of the present situation and offer extra guidance, expertise and comprehension.

Since our event in London would occur on the 7th of May, during this unpredictable time and Covid-19 spreading rapidly and globally, we want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.

Organizing a virtual event gives us more flexibility regarding the program, and therefore this year’s Onboard.London will be separated into two parts: one part organized on Thursday the 7th of May at 3 GMT, and the second part on Thursday the 14th of May at 3 GMT. Now we give everyone in the world the opportunity to participate for FREE. 

What we have in store

The virtual conference has a live agenda that includes multiple educational content (in our case, 30 minutes talks) and interaction with the attendees through polls and Q&A’s. All speakers chosen are experts in their field, and the talks will be given based on their real-life work experiences. Working for companies that have industry leading programs in place when it comes to pre-/onboarding, the speakers are ready to share their knowledge and tips with you. Learn who our speakers are and the topics they will be speaking about:

7th of May

  • Modiara Kamps for Amazon: Modiara is a young executive with a broad understanding of business strategy, recruitment processes and leadership. Modiara currently leads Amazon’s recruitment marketing efforts in EU, while finishing her master programme in Digital Marketing at Oxford, and writing her first novel. She will give a talk on how Amazon onboards new hires at scale, even during these times when hiring is not an option for most companies.
  • Merlijn Angad Gaur for OPCW: In his role as Head, Talent Acquisition for the OPCW, Merlijn sources and recruits talent from within the OPCW’s 193 member states, for roles varying from Chemical Weapons Inspector to international Legal Specialist. He will give insights on remote onboarding and its advantages, which is an important topic to elaborate on and could be interesting for a lot of people trying remote onboarding nowadays.
  • Frank Philips for Yes We Connect: Together with Muriel Maas, Frank founded Yes! We Connect in 2014. During our onboarding webinar, Yes! We Connect will showcase their tooling for getting to know each other better and another tool for transferring knowledge and expertise. Everyone will receive 10 tips, tricks and contacts on a topic of their own choosing. Onboarding is an exciting experience that engages new hires from the introductory phase, and even if you start your first day remotely you can have the same welcome as a tangible first day in your new office.

14th of May

  • Ben Kiziltug for Personio: As Head of International Ben is leading Personio’s expansion across the UK, Benelux, Nordics and Spain. The best way to show the impressive benefits of efficient recruiting and successful onboarding is to give the right example, and our partner Personio is the perfect fit for this. He will be sharing how Personio went from 3 to 300 employees in less than 4 years, speaking about the importance of efficient recruiting and successful onboarding.
  • Stacey Heiss for HP: Stacey is the Employer Brand and Onboarding leader for HP, Inc. and focuses on high-profile programs and initiatives with internal and external reach. Having a lot of experience regarding employer value, she will talk about how good onboarding starts with the manager. As Will Rogers stated “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, and that is why the role of the manager is crucial for all new hires’ successful onboarding.
  • Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill for Join Talent: Katrina is the Co-Founder & CEO of Join Talent. She was named as 2018’s ‘In House Recruitment Leader of the Year’ by Recruiter Magazine and is a ‘go-to’ resource as a commentator on industry trends & insights. During our event, she will talk about the ROI of onboarding and the various advantages that come with investing in a well-thought onboarding program.

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