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Build an unforgettable onboarding journey with our starter plan

Our starter plan offers everything you need to effortlessly create engaging onboarding journeys.

Engage your new hires with captivating stories, feedback questions, quizzes, and videos. And cater to your new hires’ specific needs in various locations or departments, with the flexibility of up to 5 different apps.

Plus, you can gain full insights into the success of your onboarding program with our reporting and dashboard features.


Minimum of 30 licenses
A mockup of our product showing the Assign page, where there are photos of people and name cards. New hires have to drag it to the right photo.

Boost the engagement of your new hires

Give your new hires a warm welcome and create connections before day one. Our onboarding tool provides new hires with a better understanding of your company culture, values, and expectations from the start. This not only boosts their engagement but also can increase their likelihood of staying with your organization long-term.
A mockup of our product showcasing Appical AI content assistant, where you put in a prompt about writing a friendly-toned 100-word paragraph about the importance of office ergonomics, and sparkles icon showing AI generated text.

Save time with automated onboarding

Struggling to find time to onboard new hires effectively? Our platform can help automate your onboarding process, so every new hire has a great experience while saving you time. You can automate reminders, messages, and content releases to engage and inform new hires and managers easily. Plus, our AI Content Assistant is here to help you create engaging content with just a few clicks.
Photos of smiling people with floating cards that lists the service roles we offer - Sales Consultant, Onboarding Consultant and Dedicated Support team.

Choose the level of support that matches your preferences

The starter package already includes digital support, but if you want more assistance such as a scoping call, design workshop, or live platform training, we have you covered! You can level up your service package to receive extra guidance. Our goal is to give you the absolute best experience with our platform and provide the support you need to achieve success.

Sanne van Leeuwen
Humanitas DMH
“It's more than just an app, Appical provides me with knowledge, feeds me ideas and always gives me the opportunity to spar. It has become a permanent part of my network."
Sanne van Leeuwen
Consultant Labor Market Communication

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