Digital reboarding at Royal Schiphol Group with the Check-in app

How do you stay connected with your employees when you don’t see each other at the office? And how do you keep your employees informed of the latest developments? To achieve this, Royal Schiphol Group developed the Schiphol Check-in app together with Appical.

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How Appical contributes to a healthy and safe working environment

“Connecting your world” – that is the ‘why’ of Royal Schiphol Group. Together with over 2.500 employees, the company has realized the most sustainable and high-quality airports in the world. Royal Schiphol Group considers it very important that everyone at Schiphol feels safe, valued and welcome: both passengers and employees. Even in times of COVID-19.

Because of the pandemic, there was a sharp drop in air traffic, and a large number of support staff was asked to work from home. As a result, the organisation faced a major challenge: How do you stay connected with your employees when you don’t see each other at the office? And how do you keep your employees informed of the latest developments?

The Appical platform offered the best solution, and so the Schiphol Check-in app was a fact.

The Schiphol Check-in app

Royal Schiphol Group noticed the need to connect with employees at home and the need to be able to offer easy access to information about the many changes at work to create a corona-proof working environment. For that reason, Royal Schiphol Group started looking for a communication tooling.

Schiphol decided to collaborate with Appical; and five weeks later the Schiphol Check-in app was launched, which was connected to the existing systems and complied with the appropriate security and privacy requirements.

Inform about a ‘new’ hybrid workplace

In order to provide its employees with a safe workplace, they worked hard to prepare Schiphol’s head office for the return of staff (also known as the reboarding of staff).

Spaces had to be redesigned, for instance: fewer workplaces, more spread out and with sufficient space in between, but also disinfection points, signposting of walking routes, and a number of facilities had to be closed.

All this meant a lot of changes, new rules and new information for the staff. The Schiphol Check-in app provides one central place where they can find all the information regarding new regulations, office & home working protocols and the ‘new’ hybrid workplace.

The employee’s journey takes centre-stage

Together with Appical, the project team mapped out the structure of the digital reboarding platform and developed the content within five weeks; all the while, the focus was on the employee experience.

The Schiphol Check-in app follows the employee’s journey from home to work, and provides relevant information at every step. The information is offered through interactive content: from videos to checklists to quizzes.

Employees can use the app to book a workplace in advance by clicking on a link that sends them to a related Facility Management app. This ensures the maximum capacity at the office is never exceeded and all employees at the office are registered.

Employees are also asked for feedback: do the new rules work in practice and what else do they need? The continuous feedback loop that can be retrieved from Appical’s platform allows Schiphol to immediately and easily adjust and improve the reboarding program.

Welcome back!

The Schiphol Check-in app is mainly used on the mobile phone, which has the advantage that employees can use it anywhere and have access to the correct and most up-to-date information at any time: whether they are at home on the couch or on their way to work.

With this program, Royal Schiphol Group is working together with its employees to create a healthy and safe working environment, to ensure staff feels welcome when they come back to the office.

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Hester van Breda
"This app combines everything: from practical tooling, booking a workspace to all the information about what is and what isn't allowed or possible."
Hester van Breda
Lead Learning & Development

What employees say about Appical

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Welcome message in the Schiphol check-in app


The Schiphol Check-in app provides one central place where all information can be found about what employees can expect when they return to the office and practical tooling, such as booking a workplace.
Progress bar in the Schiphol check-in app

Progress of the reboarding program

Employees can view the content and progress of the reboarding program on the dashboard in the Check-in app.
Checklist in the Schiphol check-in app

Checklist items for every moment

The Schiphol Check-in app contains checklist items for every moment in their journey. For example, employees can book a workplace in advance via the app.
Chaper 'at the office' in the Schiphol Check-in app

At the Schiphol office

The Schiphol Check-in app follows the employee's journey: from home to the office and back. Employees 'swipe' through relevant information, provided at the right time.