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min read

10 HR & Onboarding Trends for 2024

Employee onboarding & HR trends for 2024. Learn how to use AI, VR, how to embrace a holistic approach, implement well-being and add a human touch.

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min read

How to write a creative holiday out-of-office message - Tips and examples

Learn how to craft a creative and memorable out-of-office message for the holiday season. Embrace the holiday spirit!

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min read

Onboarding new hires during the holiday season: Making it festive and meaningful

Explore engaging onboarding strategies for the holidays. Discover 9 festive tips to warmly welcome new hires this Christmas.

Top 5 most popular blogs of 2023
min read

Top 5 Most Popular Onboarding Blogs of 2023

Discover Appical's most popular onboarding blogs of 2023. Packed with insights & practical tips to improve your onboarding process. Explore the top topics!

A woman with dark hair looking down at her phone on a red background with an image of statistical chart above her.
min read

25 Employee onboarding statistics HR managers need to know in 2024

Discover essential employee onboarding statistics to improve onboarding processes and boost employee retention.

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min read

Employee Onboarding Dictionary: 45 Commonly Used Terms & Definitions Explained

Learn key onboarding terms. From AI-powered tools to hybrid onboarding, improve your employee onboarding through the use of modern terminology.

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