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Mockup of our ebook Onboarding new employees

E-book: Onboarding new employees

Get yourself informed on what employee onboarding is and why it benefits your organisation! Read how other companies provide new employees with a memorable onboarding experience. Download our e-book and get started!

Mockup infographic surprising onboarding statistics

E-book: Surprising onboarding statistics (2024)

Did you know that only 52% of employees report being satisfied with their current onboarding process? Check out our eye-opening onboarding statistics e-book for more reasons why your organization should hop on board with a modern onboarding program. Download it now!

Mockup of our infographic: Onboarding Buddy Toolbox

The onboarding buddy toolbox

This toolbox has got you covered with everything you need to know about the buddy system. From what an onboarding buddy is, to how to implement a buddy system, and even some awesome onboarding buddy tools.

Mockup of our whitepaper: How to create a successful onboarding journey

Whitepaper: How to create a successful onboarding journey?

Do you want to give new employees a headstart? And are you doing everything you can to retain talent? In this whitepaper you"ll read all about onboarding and how you can use it in your organization.

Mockup of our onboarding checklist for HR

The offboarding checklist for HR managers

Ensure a successful offboarding experience and leave your departing employees feeling proud to be a brand ambassador with our offboarding checklist. It creates a memorable experience and ensures all steps are taken for a smooth transition.

Mockup of our e-book: How to convince your boss

E-book: How to convince your boss to invest in (digital) onboarding?

Looking to improve your onboarding process, but not sure how to convince your decision-maker? We've got you covered. In this e-book, we'll provide you with the tools you need to build a compelling case for Appical (or any other platform) that will make it hard for them to say no!